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AZIN(我進) : It is brand of Dongkwang's new automotive parts which aims to pursue better value on its own terms.


Dongkwang is a member company of the Korea Automobile Parts Association (KAPA).
These parts of domestic complete vehicle and these parts of imported car certified by KAPA are supplied in accordance with the schedule required by customers through its own storage and transportation system

Exterior Parts (KAPA G01)-12 types 38 items

Bumper Cover

  • Front Bumper Cover
  • Rear Bumper Cover
  • Bumper Spoiler
  • Front Plate Bracket


  • Hood
  • Hood Shock Absorder


  • Front Left Fender
  • Front_Right_Fender
  • Rear Left Fender
  • Rear Right Fender

Door Skin

  • Front Left Door Skin
  • Front Right Door Skin
  • Rear Left Door Skin
  • Rear Right Door Skin

Inner Fender Liner

  • Front Left Inner Fender Liner
  • Front Right Inner Fender Liner
  • Rear Left Inner Fender Liner
  • Rear Right Inner Fender Liner

Side Mirror

  • Left Side Mirror
  • Right Side Mirror
  • Left Side Mirror Glass
  • Right Side Mirror Glass


  • Front Left Door Moulding
  • Front Right Door Moulding
  • Rear Left Door Moulding
  • Rear Right Door Moulding
  • Front Bumper Moulding
  • Rear Bumper Moulding
  • Front Door Window Moudling
  • Rear Door Window Moulding


  • Deck Lid
  • Rear Spoiler


  • Radiator Grilles
  • Bumper Grilles

Rear Corner Panel

  • Left Rear Corner Panel
  • Right Rear Corner Panel

Front Panel

  • Radiator Support

Car Under Cover

  • Under Cover

Lighting Parts (KAPA G02)-7 types 18 items

Tail Lamp

  • Front Left Tail Lamp
  • Front Right Tail Lamp

Position Lamp

  • Front Left Position Lamp
  • Front Right Position Lamp

Turn Signal Lamp

  • Front Left Turn Signal Lamp
  • Front Right Turn Signal Lamp
  • Rear Left Turn Signal Lamp
  • Rear Right Turn Signal Lamp
  • Left Side Signal Lamp
  • Right Side Signal Lamp

Daytime Running Lamp

  • Left Daytime Running Lamp
  • Right Daytime Running Lamp

Stop Lamp

  • Rear Left Stop Lamp
  • Rear Right Stop Lamp

Back Up Lamp

  • High Mount Stop Lamp
  • Back Up Lamp

For Lamp

  • Fog Lamp Left
  • Fog Lamp Right

Functional •consumable parts (KAPA G03~KAPA G11)-19 types 62 items


  • Air Conditioner Compressor
  • Air Conditioner Condenser


  • Radiator
  • Cooling Fan

Control Arm

  • Front Lower Arm
  • Rear Lower Arm
  • Front Upper Arm
  • Rear Upper Arm
  • Rear Lower Arm Bush
  • Front Lower Arm Bush
  • Front Upper Arm Bush
  • Rear Upper Arm Bush

Stabilizer Bar

  • Stabilizer Bar
  • Stabilizer Bar Link
  • Stabilizer Bar Bush

Shock Absorber

  • Front Shock Absorber
  • Rear Shock Absorber

Engine Electrical

  • Battery
  • Spark Plug
  • Spark Plug
  • Generator
  • Starting Motor
  • Ignition Coil
  • End Ball

Power Steering

  • Steering Gear
  • Power Pump


  • Front Disc
  • Rear Disc
  • Front Calliper
  • Rear Calliper

Window Regulator

  • Front Window Regulator
  • Rear Window Regulator


  • Exterior Belt
  • Time Belt


  • Injector
  • Fuel Pump


  • Valve Cover Gasket
  • Cylinder Head Gasket


  • Air Filter
  • Oil Filter
  • Fuel Filter


  • Oxygen Senser
  • Turbo Charger
  • Exhaust System

Constant Velocity Joint

  • Constant Velocity Joint
  • Constant Velocity Joint Boot
  • Wheel Bearing


  • Gear Oil
  • Engine Oil
  • Transmission Fluid


  • Washer Liquid
  • Wiper Blade

Water Cooling

  • Water Pump
  • Antifreeze
  • Up Cooling Hose
  • Down Cooling Hose
  • Thermostat

Light Source

  • Filament Bulb (Fog Light)
  • Filament Bulb (Tail Light)
  • Filament Bulb (Brake Light)
  • Filament Bulb (Turn Signal Light)
  • Gas Discharge Bulb (Downward Light)
  • Filament Bulb (Downward Light)


Dongkwang has been exporting automobile, ship and industrial lubricants to 12 countries around the world and Dongkwang is ENOES' Russian exclusive distributor and MICKING's overseas export agent.
These lubricants of ENEOS and MICKING supplied by Dongkwang are responding to customer requirements with excellent performance.

∙ High-grade durability of abrasion for the sake of engine life's extension
∙ Inhibition of sludge and varnish formation
∙ At the cold start, low temperature pumping capability for the protection of equipment
∙ Stability against heat and oxidation
∙ Protection of equipment from rust and corrosion

Unit of sales capacity : 1, 3, 4, 6, 20 liter(s) / Drum(200 liters)