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We would like to sincerely welcome all of you who visited Dongkwang Corporation's website.

What is your excuse today?

Genghis Khan established an empire with a tribe of about 10 people,
and Steve Jobs was born as son of a single mother and changed the world while struggling against a disease.

Since its foundation in 1992, Dongkwang pioneered the barren Russian and CIS markets and now has a distribution network which can supply to Russia and the CIS region in time. With the spirit of challenging and pioneering, we will always struggle with the satisfaction of our customers and we will move forward without any excuses. AZIN is a brand which contains Dongkwang's challenges and customer-centered management philosophy and it is Dongkwang's will for the new 100 years.

Now and forever, we will continuously do and try our best to provide customer-centered management and differentiated brand value.